*Save on shipping * Local pickup for hand knit items, faux fur pom poms and yarns - KAMLOOPS, BC


Do you knit items that are not found on your website, facebook or instagram?

Yes, I can knit tons of other things including, sweaters, scarves, cowls, slippers, slippersocks, mittens, fingerless gloves, head bands, socks.  I always love to learn new techniques and patterns and stitches.  Just contact me to discuss a custom knitting order.  

Do you develop your own patterns?

Yes, I have developed several of the colourwork knitted toque patterns when someone asks for something that I haven't seen a pattern for before, and I love the surprise of making something totally new and unique!  I now have several of my own knitting patterns available for sale through my online store. 

Do you sell your patterns?

Yes, I have written a few up already and will be writing several of my own patterns and selling through my website for other knitters to make for personal use.  

Do you dye your own yarns?

No, I love to support other Canadian crafters and businesses and purchase tons of Canadian hand dyed yarns and these are available for retail purchase in my online boutique yarn shop.  

Do you operate Rainbow Rows Knitting as a full time business?

Unfortunately no, I also have a "day job", therefore custom order wait times can vary depending on the amount of orders.