*Save on shipping * Local pickup for hand knit items, faux fur pom poms and yarns - KAMLOOPS, BC

About Me and Rainbow Rows Knitting

My name is Allison and I love knitting.  I was taught to knit one day in August 2013 by my mother in law and shortly after became addicted.  I started off knitting wash cloths, moved up to scarves and toque and hand warmers and then onto trying socks and sweaters.  I decided to first try a stranded colour work knitting pattern with sheep and a llama because I really wanted to have this cowl, after that I guess colourwork knitting kindof became my niche specialty and now I develop my own patterns when someone wants something unique and I can't find an existing pattern. I now design my own toques and sell the patterns to other passionate stranded colourwork knitters!  

I started to grow my custom knitting business on facebook after coming up with a catchy name, then added an instagram page and finally now here I am designing and maintaining an online store to sell my hand knit items, expanding my offering to include my own hand made pom poms, and other Canadian dyers yarns that I love to work with and have now become a boutique yarn shop.  

I wanted to add a local retail yarn shop, even if it's just online for now for the local community to increase the availability of knitted items, yarns and faux fur pom poms here in Kamloops, BC!  I can't wait to see how my business grows in the coming months and years.  Stay tuned for more to come from Rainbow Rows Knitting!